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Concerning high education, nearly all Russian ladies have or make some efforts to get it. In past development was with no cost and that’s why all ladies got knowledge at some high institutions or universities. Now there are only few free of chage courses but typically high education in Russia is paid. So, today’s Russian young ladies have only few opportunities for teaching but they also make attempts to get nice development.

Nice Rusion young woman and her unuseful job

Some occupations you could find in the girls’ profiles on sites can seem quite remarkable or in some cases are very deceptive. Here we wish to pay your concentration to big differences in the fee amount and occupations carried out by the people of the same profession in different states. If you consider that her job is not actually fine, I consider it’s not a big problem as most of young women, interested in marriage with a foreigner, are earge to interchange the profession or even remain at their place as house cleaners, dedicating themselves to the marriage, marrried man, children.

Effective progress in business or beautiful family life?

Considering economical situation in nowadays FSU lots of ladies must work. In lots of ways the essential wage-earner in a family is young lady. But they (girls) work to get money in a number of cases but are not thinking about career.russian dating profile pictures

Do Russian women like to throw away money?

Russian girls are very frugal concerning money. When visiting shops single Russian women usually buy only those things that are definitely needful in the home, or what they truly need. They do not waste money on unproductive goods because they are aware of the fact how difficult this money is gained. Possibly at the first meeting a foreigner can consider that his Rusion woman is wasting too much money, she will wish to go to a good restaurant, to get a nice present (all young ladies like small surprises), to go to a night disco-bar, etc. All these cost money, but it’s simply the first thought. Russian girls commonly think if a guy does not want to take care in tiny points he could not be careful of her in the marriage.