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Splendid loving wife, healthy and happy kids, and tasty homemade meal – this is a portrayal of an ideal family. Sadly, in our days it is rather hard to meet an appropriate woman to create a family like this, particularly if we take into consideration sovereign Western ladies, who prefer career growth and free affairs, not wanting to become the delight of man’s soul – careful mothers and expert housewives, eager to share husband’s problems and successes.list of free russian dating sites

In the other part of the world, in Russia, women, who own all these splendid qualities are disparaged and neglected by men, who accept all this for granted. Firstly, one should mention that due to the difficult financial situation in the country, which continues for a long period of time.

Russian women are usually raised in modesty and dignity.

Gorgeousness of Russian ladies is amazing. Sometimes seems like fairy tales princess glances at you instead of an actual girl. Slender legs, perfect form, wave of blond or light-brown hair