Girls can be different – varying from “Saw” to “Star”

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Six of the most pronounced female types.

Saw girl. “Sawing” is mainly suitable to tall girls. I do not know, maybe it’s just me and I’m the only one to encounter tall “saws”, but it’s a fact. It’s not easy to identify this type of girls on the first date. Quite often these girls try not to show their sharp temper. But still, nothing is impossible. These girls often complain about their job, neighbor, waiter…etc. You can use flowers to check if the girl is a “saw”. If you suspect something bring cloves, preferably in the basket.

Frost girl. This type gathers real beauties. They know their value, and never dump, on the contrary. It’s not easy to get a phone number from one of these. You’ll have to spend 20 minutes looking in her eyes and flattering her with a bright gleam! Sex with “frosty” girls is highly improbable on the first date. But somewhere in the third date with the right strategy and tactics they will melt like ice cream in the sun.

Fire girl.  A bright, sizzling look from under the fluffy eyelashes, a charming smile and laughing a lot. The Fire girl is just emitting the passion. She knows what she wants, and very often her desire coincides with yours – yes, you saw it right. But it is very inadvisable to fall in love with such girl, because the burning-out hazard is very high.

“Cu-cu” girl. These are often called blondes, but do not forget silly brunettes. Where would they go? They are narrow-minded, but very funny and kind. They love to look beautiful and say absurdities.


Lovely beauties in pink with flapping eyelashes – how I love you!

Dictionary girl.  A sort of walking encyclopedia. They know everyone and everything about everything. The myth that smart girls are always expressionless or ugly is not true. Dictionary girls are of average prettiness. Their external characteristics are glasses in almost 96% of cases. They often analyze men in the light of what they’ve read about them. And if you’re not her imaginary hero from a novel, you have a small chance of getting her into your bed. Therefore, at the first meeting you should determine the areas of her favorite readings and adopt the image she likes.

Star girl. Most noticeable and most partying type of girls. The clubs are always in their spotlight. Life in the disco style is their motto. In short, the stars are recognized by their shining.

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