How to meet ukrainian women in kiev

meet ukrainian women

Beauty is surely not the main woman’s quality, but it has a big importance. A constant striving to be liked by men is characteristic of Ukrainian girls. It is especially noticeable in Kiev.

Kiev demographists and psychologists assert that in Ukraine as well as in Russia the number of lonely single women who can’t find a dependable life partner is growing fast.

Many Ukrainians dream of leaving for foreign countries because of the war and crisis. For Kiev’s brides one of the most simple ways of settling down abroad is dating and marriage with a foreigner

‘Lady’ is translated as ‘lord’s wife.’ She is definitely fragile and romantic, and very reserved and stylish at the same time. Intelligent and educated Kiev beauties can be defined like this.

In Kiev cinemas a movie was released called ‘To Marry a Foreigner.’ It’s an amazing story of men trying to find wives in Ukraine through a ukrainian marriage agencies.

However, many people agree that there really are many beautiful girls and women in Ukraine. At the same time, beauties live not only in Kiev.

There is no big secret for anybody in the fact that Ukrainian and Russian girls are considered to be the most beautiful women on the planet. All men dream of a beautiful, smart, educated, and faithful wife by their side. They search for dating sites in order to get acquainted with feminine girls who have regular features, nice figures, and gorgeous hair. These are women from Eastern Europe – Ukraine and Russia.
We asked employees of an international dating service if the number of Ukrainian girls wishing to build their personal happiness abroad has increased lately and if men come to the capital in search of brides.

meet ukrainian women in kiev

As customer manager of Kiev dating agency ’A goodwife’ told us, they have about 3,5 thousands of Ukrainian girls’ profiles. 70% of them want to leave for abroad. If earlier mostly female citizens of Odessa and Kiev turned to them, now many girls from Zaporozhe and Dnepropetrovsk turn to them as well.
’Among girls there are 80% of Kiev citizens and 20% of girls from other cities, including migrants from the East of Ukraine. The number of men wanting to find a wife in Ukraine has been decreased. All of them call asking questions connected with the war. Those who have already worked with us believe us that in Kiev everything is good. Others are harder to assure’, tells the manager. According to her, the crisis didn’t level down Ukrainian women’s standards as for prospective husbands. ’Probably, five years ago Ukrainian women went abroad just to change their place of residence. Present clients are quite successful girls who really want to find their happiness. Perhaps, in the following because of war the situation will change, but now demands are high of both brides and foreign men. All of them are in search of serious relations and marriage based on love and mutual respect’.

As for the number of foreign fiancés, in the agency the first positions are occupied by the USA and New Zealand. In 2014-2015 the number of clients from Great Britain, France, and Germany increased considerably. There are a bit less men from the countries of South Europe – Spain, Italy, and Greece…