Jack’d Gay chat and app for all bi-curious men

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Why Jack’d Gay chat is for young gay men?

If you’re not a beginner in gay online dating, you have probably noticed there are dozens of popular gay apps today. So why to choose Jack’d and why is it so popular among the youth?

It also has millions of users also much fewer than Scruff and Grindr. Like all qualitative dating apps, it motivates users to show their faces on a profile photo instead of just torso or a fancy car.

One can chose the option of long-term dating, although the majority of singles come there for hook-ups. The presence of such an option is also an obvious sign of quality. At the same time, anonymous and secretive users can enjoy such features as browsing though the profiles in invisible mode, private/hidden profile photos, and unavailability of screenshots.

But, what makes Jack’d Gay chat and app for all bi-curious men so attractive to youngsters, is definitely its extreme simplicity and intuitive usage. Particularly, fast signing up, quick automatic notifications about mutual interest, instant chat, pre-programmed resending of recent photos and text templates are simplifying the process of communication a lot. While fresh cheerful design and humorous intros were created exclusively for late teens and 20+ folks.

Dating App Review: Jack’d

In fact, there are certain disadvantages too and they make Jack’d look a bit like a non-serious toy for teenagers. Here are some of those flaws:

Many profiles are vague and let’s say even empty, cause very young people do not tend to be substantial and detailed.
Since many students prefer a free version of the app, they also have to tolerate multiple ads and promotions online.
Since many youngsters are ok with virtual sex and quick hook-ups only, the features of social network are actually absent on Jack’d, no one can post cool stuff or intrigue with interesting things. All is very plain and minimized.
It’s also typical for very young gay men to be secretive about their real preferences and wear the masks. That’s probably why they indicate the “Strictly friends” row in their profiles, although they are definitely after hook-ups and they demonstrate this from the very first sentences. This indication may discourage other users.
According to that non-demanding audience, there are many technical weaknesses such as wrong geo-location, frequent crashing, and nearly the absence of customer service.

How Jack’d works for older users

Since Jack’d is for a wide variety of categories and relationships, it works fine for older folks too. It’s mostly about experiments, threesomes, first gay experiences, gay swingership, and so on. Bi-curious older men prevail in the database, and some of them certainly offer sugar daddy sponsorship as a form of temporary or lasting relationship. Others expect an equal mutual agreement though.

However, there is one group of older users that is going to be disappointed. We are talking about serious-minded single gay men. Jack’d isn’t the right place for them. There are platforms that’d suit them much better. It’s better to realize from the beginning, to avoid time wasting and heartbreaking moments.

“I met Danny on the very first day I joined Jack’d, and he seemed so sweet and sincere. I just didn’t realize he was collecting his older admirers there. Being just 21, he definitely knew his worth and how to manipulate men. I understood that after a few meetings when he was hiding his phone and closing in the bathroom to talk with the others. I asked him directly which volume of sponsorship he would appreciate enough to stay with one partner only. He wasn’t ready to answer or to compromise anything, so we parted. I wouldn’t want such an experience again.” (Lionel, 42, New York City)

“I don’t feel comfortable hooking up with very young guys, I consider a longer relationship. I’ve met my current boyfriend through Jack’d but I see that he is too immature and it won’t last long. I think, I’ll use another apps for the next time. It’s already difficult enough for 35+ gay men to find a partner both offline and online, but this platform makes things even more challenging. It actually doesn’t help at all. Well I’m glad it exists and it should be ok for late teens but not for committed singles.” (Brian, 38, London)

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“We use Jack’d for finding a younger friend with my partner. When we find someone, we usually spend a weekend together and see where it leads. We try not to have one-night-stands and look for a longer perspective, but it doesn’t always work. Very often, a guy just wants luxurious entertainment, pocket money, and help with his career. Some even asked to invest to their first business. We’ll probably stop with Jack’d as it’s way too non-serious for us. We hoped for a friend who would stay with us at least for the whole summer.” (Garry, 31, Miami)

“I cannot complain as I found several cubs here who wanted my guidance in all meanings, and I’m currently staying with one of them, named Mike. He is going through the hardship in his family and studies so I’m helping out. But I clearly see that he would leave me as soon as all problems are solved so I remain sober about that. I’ve also noticed that Jack’d becomes poorly supported and they stopped improving the app. I think its best times are behind already.” (Tom, 45, Toronto)

What may help you attract more youngsters on Jack’d?

When it comes to young gay men, scenarios are always similar so there’s no secret how to date and hookup on Jack’d Gay chat app.

What do they search for? It’s usually either gaining more experience or financial profit, or all together. If youngsters have a more stable situation and support from their parents, they may search for fun only. In any case, an older man can only reach understanding with them if he behaves accordingly:

  • Be fun, light, and easy-going; do not press or stress them, do not demand any responsibilities. Imagine you’re 20 like them, at least at the moment of acquaintance. “Heavy” impression can spoil everything.
  • Be promising. Try to figure out what they want, and promise that. Of course, you are not going to lie if they want your monthly support or a big investment. Be realistic but positive, otherwise young guys won’t know about your good intentions and caring attitude.
  • Be spontaneous. You have no chances if you’re stuck in your old habits and going to dictate your rules to the new friends. As young people, they prefer complete freedom, especially on the very beginning. Let them choose when and where to meet, and just follow their ideas, even if you think they’re crazy.
  • Be adult. You have something that they don’t: it’s maturity, and they indeed expect it from you. They wouldn’t be happy if you were not able offer it to them. Even if you’re after a few hours of pleasure only, be as protective as you can. It’s you who bear the responsibility, not them. It concerns safety measures as well.
  • Be flexible. It’s vital when you date younger guys. If they choose you, accept without being suspicious. If they change their mind or disappear, accept that easily. If they leave you on the road to jump out to their buddies and say hello, just smile. If they take your money and leave, at least try not to get heart attack. Always remain reasonable, no matter what. It’s your role and you should play it for your own sake.
  • Be sexy. We know, sometimes it’s the hardest part. But remember, Jack’d Gay chat and app for all bi-curious men and you may find yourself in a middle of a big competition. Not all youngsters can force themselves be nice to you only for a monetary reward or other wrong reasons. They want physical attractiveness and chemistry too. So try to go to the gym at least once a week and wear something trendy when you finally meet. Otherwise, you’ll be ignored much faster than you expected.

Dating and hooking up via Jack’d doesn’t guarantee to you the fireworks in the sky, but it’s something very real and very pleasant. Just follow these recommendations and balance the game with being yourself, in any situation.