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Great number of Kyiv girls considered that the single chance to be pleased in wedlock was to tie a knot with an outlander in the time of “Iron Curtain”. However, when it collapsed tendency didn’t change. This occurred because the stage of life didn’t improve after the fall down of the USSR as multitude of people expected. Therefore continued marriage emigration line was provoked by economical instability in the country.

America was the main state to travel to.

As the United States Department of Justice says, – more than 75 thousand of such popular Russian towns as Kharkiv Kherson Donetsk girls emigrated in US, making use of the request visas assured by their American husbands. Another part of the girls made use difference kinds of visas, however eventually with the same aim. This happened because despite of the fact that immigration law of the US thought to be strict, is, nevertheless rather mild for persons arriving for permanent residence, in comparison with the bulk of European states.

It is assumed, that the demand for Russian brides from the side of western, so called, consumers, has been, in a sense, shaped by the beauty competitions. They have formed a fashion of the American men on the “Russian type”, which changed the taste on the “color” type. Previously, the Filipino women, and other Asian ladies were especially trendy. Besides the appearance, Russian women were different through the family directed character. It is clear, that beauty competitions have affected Russian girls, wishing to tie a knot with an outlander and shaped for them a vision of their beauty as a advantageous selling thing.daily mail russian dating

At present, when living in Russia turned out to be slightly better than 12 years ago, the reason of ladies, going oversea in hunt for man, has altered.

According to the opinion of the executive director of the program of the social and psychological support of Russian migrant’s families, Olga Mahovskaya, the main motive for the tendency of our compatriots to tie a knot abroad – is a decline of the domestic model of family. Nevertheless, in spite of the cause, the set of problems, experiencing by Russian ladies oversea, is still the same. The distinction that was 12 years ago, as well as at the moment – is only in their education.

The chief difficulty for those, who want to marry to a foreigner, is binded with wedding agencies. Director executive of the program of social and psychological help aid of Russian emigrant’s families, Olga Mahovskaya, mentioned by the edition “Izvestiya”, claims: nowadays more than 600 Internet- agencies from the American part and around 200-from our country are majoring on the “Russian assortment”. The average age of Russian fiancees -is 19, 5 years, that is to say, girls without studies and career leave in search of the better future in far away countries. It is rather logical that the difficulty of wedding migration is directly connected with the problem of ladies trafficking – it is easy to picture that youthful and insufficiently educated girls cannot defend their rights, discovering themselves, oversea in the difficult circumstances. Surely, more frequently they escape, going oversea, to make money as animators or babysitters. But as Ms. Mahovskaya reasonably underlines, “the marriage agent differs from the souteneur only for the reason that he is helping a lady not to be a prostitute but a kept woman – and for many women it is a limit of dreaming”. But evidently it is easier to persuade those who dream like this.

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Second essential difficulty that girls can meet by travelling to another country is certainly – relationship with their appointed spouses.

According to the data great part of the guys, wishing to tie a knot with Russian girls are around forty years and still unable to purchase a dwelling or to succeed in life. They majorly think that the ladies from such economically poor state will not have great expectations and therefore will be perfect for the family. Shocking is the fact that ever more criminal events, which occur in America, as well as in other states are connected with the abuse of the foreign wives. Part of them are bashed up or even murdered. Such stories about unsuccessful wedlock become frequently printed in the newspapers in foreign countries, like America, and in Russian newspapers.

Lately, Washington, D. C accepted a law, in compliance with which marriage agencies are forced to notify potential foreign girls of the former convictions or failed marriages with foreign wives of the man, whom the lady is about to wed. This is made, as the mean of prevention of the criminal events, happened with such horrifying regularity.