Russian wife, signs of attention.

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Sometimes people pretend to be someone who in reality they are not, and when you think in a good way about a person, or even better than this person tends to show up in front of you, it is very hard to go through disappointment process later, and sometimes it brings a Russian bride to the idea that she should give up on looking for a man abroad by means of internet. Which is a wrong conclusion, as people tend to do mistakes anywhere, and all of those mistakes are pretty much same not depending on the country they were made in.

Of course it is pleasant to see someone being interested in you, and in this case it would be nice to smile and keep speaking in the same gentle way, but it doesn’t mean that as soon as you get someone’s attention you need to open up your gentle female heart towards that person, that is a totally wrong assumption that leads to nowhere. It is statistically proven not once that as long as the lady is keeping her man on a certain distance, this man is staying close to her and not willing to leave this kind of woman, as men are hunters by their nature, and they always need to have an “object” to hunt. So as soon as the “object” is caught the interest in getting to know the person better is getting lost, and they start looking for a new object of admiration.

It is every Russian bride’s duty to make the man “interested” in her only, for as long as she can, because at the beginning it is a pure interest, curiosity and instinct of challenge, and later it already involves into something greater, as the longer is the time spent with such a woman, the more attached this man is getting by his woman, and little by little his heart becomes captured by the lady. So it is important to learn analyzing the man and his deeds.

First of all it is important to see whether the man really corresponds to the standards set by the lady, it means how close the potential admirer is to the idea of Mr. Perfect in this woman’s mind.

And the information provided in the personal profile, even if it looks like ninety percent compatibility with you, doesn’t necessarily mean it really is true.Russian wife

So in the first letter it would be good to ask one more time about the age and the date of birth, as well as about the family of the potential groom, or whether he wants or not to have children in the future, and if so when how many. All of those questions asked by a Russian bride will make the potential groom realize how serious she is about him.

Second of all, as some wise people say, everyone lies, so from time to time it would be great to get back to those issues again during correspondence or even if during a personal call, as there are cases when a suddenly asked unexpected question is able to reveal that the person you trusted so much in reality has lied to you, and as the history shows, there is no person in the world whom would dream of having a liar by their side.

The second important thing to that a Russian woman should keep in her mind while corresponding with a foreign groom is that from time to time men tend to show up a wrong information about their selves, like for example they set an old picture in their profile so by the moment when this man is visiting the woman, she feels shocked to see him, and doesn’t know what to do about it, that is why a good advice would be to ask for a picture (new picture with each new letter) and if asking for a picture made in a certain place, or while doing something specific, than it is even better (like for example a picture made at home with a coffee cup in the hands). All of those easy steps will help women avoiding potential scammers who are there only in order to play a game and add some “spice” into their life.