Russian young ladies thinking

Russian young ladies thinking

The desire of every pretty Slavonic mistress is to meet a king for her future family life. She wants to find an admirable, gifted, fine guy like in fairy tales whom she can give her love and amorous soul. Each young woman needs adoration and love; she wishes to get married a man who will adore her to death, who will do all her hopes come true, who will define her a queen and sometimes make a “full of red rose petals bath” for her. Don’t start laughing here. I am saying you a real truth; a general Russian girl always wishes about such a luxury got from her European man. These Slavonic ladies are not the only dreamers who are not facing real life. Why?

Because lots of European men seek young ladies who desire to be at home.

A lady who will be very attentive of her spouse and kids. Western boys are tired of the feminism activity and the self-determination of young ladies from their own city and are making attempt to find peace for their soul in the arms of a Slavonic “family tuned” girl. Who will also be interested in him. Would you mind if someone take care of you: making a great food for you, makes juice or a cup of coffee for you, who is aware that you are exhausted and you need to be alone for a few minutes?

Who would not irritate you when you work, who does not ask you for untrue things?

Who loves you and gives you a kiss when you come back home? Definitely. But not everything is as incomplete and delightful as that. If a man wants his future wife to be at home and guard the house and children, he must earn real money and supply a brilliant living for them. I am sure you men understand that nowadays life is difficult and high-priced. So if it is realizable for you to dwell and earn money for the whole family, you can enjoy a delicious dinner and I’m sure your hot Russian girl will be very pleased to cook it for you. But to say you the truth approximately every woman is earning money in FSU countries. It happens so not because the husbands in FSU towns are cruel and greedy, and do not have a desire to give the wage to their young ladies