What age difference is admissible for Russian ladies?

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You have decided to find a Russian bride but not sure about disparity of years? 5-15 years disparity is just o. K. . You sure have a chance to meet a girl who will be 9, 9, 12, 12 and even 18 years younger than you. A lot of western guys are surprised at receiving correspondence from attractive educated girls (physicians, economists, book-keepers) 10-15 years younger than they are. In the US this disproportion in age is beyond reality. In your look for an Eastern European girl, it is not. One of the reasons is that girls in Eastern Europe grow smart at a younger age, and having a relation with a western man of their age is the same as having romance with a teenager. Difficulties in life make us thoughtful, the way that age does. The disproportion in age also adds them feeling of security.


From the other side, you should not have too high expectations. If you are in your 50’s or 60’s, you must not hope to find a 20-year old girl. Many beautiful, wonderful in their late 30s or 40s would be eager to become your wife; half of marriage agencies’ women clients belong to this age group, and you won’t have problems with getting their attention. This is possible. In some cases if you are really good looking, or very intelligent/rich/famous, you can make it with an age gap of even 20 years or more. But it would be an exclusion, not the rule.

Do not trust unfair agent of marriage services who would to you that many women want older men.

That’s a lie. And after all – that’s just a myth, a fairy-tale for credulous customers. If you wish to make a strong family you can’t ignore age gap. Actually most of girls feel o. K. With guys who are 10-15 years older than they are, very seldom the disproportion in age is up to 18 years. But do not make it larger than 20 years or you sure will have troubles with you young lady in future. If you can get her at all. Statistics shows that such families as a rule last about two years.

One more point is that reasonable age gap for Russian women gets higher every year. The more foreigners seek partners in Russia, the better alternative ladies have, the higher their requirements get. Young ladies are less worried about difference in age than older ones: a lady of 20 years old is normally interested in men up to 45, while a woman of 40 years old can bound her search to men under 54. Thus, if you are 49, a girl of 27 years old may consider you a suitable candidate and a girl of 35 may decide you are too old.

The thing is, girls in Easstern Europe wish to have family and children real bad, and this is the main motive pushing them to search for men everywhere, since in Easstern Europethere is only 88 men for 100 females Statistics.

According to Russia cultural paradigm, a girl should be married with children; being single is a shame. Any lady who is unmarried by 22 is called “old maid”. Women 22-28 wish to begin family as soon as possible. The peak of the society’s pressure on the girl to get a family is by the age of 28; afterwards her family and friends begin thinking she would never get married and give up on her; she also begins getting accustomed to the idea she will not have her own family. Once girls become content with the thought of never getting married, their demands to a future husband lower. Only getting married to evade the disgrace of being lonely is not enough for them any more.

So there are some possible motives why it looks like Eastern European girls want older men: • The marriage agency told her that it will be much plainer for her to find an older guy, and that she will be able to decide afterwards if she wishes to marry him (servises need clients! ! ! ). – She did not put down age of a future husband in the application cause she did not think that it’s significant, or just forgot. – The ads are written by women seeking wealthy husbands and targeted to the most efficient audience. In fact you have to know that there are VERY FEW girls who probably DO prefera MUCH older man. But it’s still possible for a man to find a younger girl, and even MUCH younger. Just be realistic and do not forget that 10-15 years gap is the limit, otherwise you will get troubles at a later stage.