What do Ukrainian girls expect from their life-partners

ukraine ladies for marriage One of the questions a westerner inquires himself before coming to a decision to get married with a Russian and Ukrainian woman is what are her anticipations towards him. Now we’ll find the answer.

Well, in general she needs you to love her at the first place. It’s so hard, isn’t it? And now about other expectations. When a Slavic girl applies to the matrimonial agency she wants to meet a guy who will become her husband and who will make her feel herself a wife and a real woman. She wants a family and she wants to have children. If you are ready to treat your girl really good and become a man she can trust than you will get a strong family.


A guy she dreams about is dependable and serious; at once he is open hearted and he is able to reveal his feelings.

She isn’t interested in a husband who will be dressed up like a real macho. What a Russian and Ukrainian lady really expects is a mate who displays and mannishness and lets her feel safe around him; safe to be a woman and be a wife. She wants to know that you will be confident enough to make right decisions about everything in your family life at the right times.

A Russian and Ukrainian woman wants that feeling of security first of all because she takes home keeper role. She is a wife and a mother. Of course she can work if it’s needed but her main goal will always stay on her family. Though girls are really romantic, they are also really practical. She will feel safe if she knows that she and her children have a place to live and food to eat.

You should remember that your Russian girl as well as a western wife will ask you to have time to pass with her. She will want care not to feel herself disregarded. So if you prefer to spend much time at work or used to to pass time at nights in bars with your friends be ready that you wife will feel herself neglected. She may decide that she is less important to you than your job or you friends.

Do not reveal jealocy. Faith plays a significant role for a happy family-life. Your Eastern European lady will want some personal life and at least a little time for herself the same as you do otherwise she would feel herself under arrest. This feeling almost always brings about the wish to snap out of it.

A husband should be open-minded and polite.

If there is a problem a man wants to solve with his woman a husband should know about this rule. Girls are really sentimental and hurtable; it’s really easy to hurt their feelings. Husbands don’t need to wait to tell that they are sorry if they have hurt their wife.

Slavic girls are not as independent as western women. They like to feel that a husband takes care about them. They love when a man opens a doorway, pulls out a chair and pays for them when they are out together. That mean that she wants your money or wants to save hers. She wants you to do it ‘couse it’s natural for her if a guy pays in a restaurant.

And the last but not the least. She need you to be very rich. She wants a reliable and loving man. She looks for someone who she will be able to love and who will feel the same about her as well. You are wrong if you consider that Eastern European ladies look for men abroad just to escape from their own country. That’s false. They simply can’t find good men there. So if you find a A Slavic girl who you will love you can be certain to have a loving and devoted wife and healthy family.