What is love and how does it manifest itself?

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No one knows what it is, but can understand and feel it coming. Love always comes unexpectedly, just as suddenly, it may divide. It happens like a thunderbolt – you never know where it will strike. Will it be in a bar or beach or even online!

Why do people fall in love?

You cannot prepare for a meeting with the wonderful phenomenon of love. As they say, love descends suddenly, when you are not looking for it. The determining factor is the similarity. In the role of other half are usually women. As a rule, men look women that have equal education, level of intelligence, social status, some specific traits. In mind when there is a potential candidate, the brain automatically begins to evaluate information on the above parameters. It is human nature to look for the other half, which is a little better than him, more beautiful, more colorful, and this “more” can be repeated continuously. It seems that love was invented in order to deter people from the constant change of partners. Why change partner when you can date several at the same time at adult personals Arizona!russia ukraine dating sites

Love as a state of mind

Constant phone calls or call on the door, the sounds of the received message makes people in love jump on the spot, in the hope that they are called by their beloved one. Why wait that long? Adult online chat Arizona opened new webcam calls. You can always be near your beloved ones. Love is the cause of the biochemical processes, which is almost useless to resist. I love the hormone dopamine, so feel constant ebb energy with it comes inspiration and strength. But beyond this, there is a feeling of anxiety, as in the body produces a lot of adrenaline. Increased heartbeat and trembling at the knees at the sight of handsome guy or beautiful girl, or upon receipt of any news about him or her, just due to the elaboration of this hormone. Lovers become more talkative with hunting over all the talk and smile without reason.

Love in Arizona

Many signs of love have common characteristics, and some are defined according to a purely individual traits, which include age, gender, and the nature of the individual. Sometimes you can make a mistake and accept the love of something fleeting, such as flirtation. Now, people can flirt even online using adult online chat Arizona and the tools needed for that. The main symptom of love is a rapid heartbeat. The body constantly runs shivers, and palms sweating. At the sight of the object of adoration begins trembling in the limbs, and can throw you in heat and cold. All feelings are exacerbated, and loss of appetite. There is a sensation of flight and a strange haze reason. You should also pay attention to the complete lack of concentration. Want all the time to sing, to dance, to do something different. There is insomnia, which has no effect on performance, as there is no sense of fatigue. The list goes on and on. In many ways, the signs are individual manifestations of love.

Chemistry of Love

Proven that love is associated with the emergence of a variety of chemical processes in the brain. Love is largely due to the active work of the nerve cells and terminals. The human brain produces certain chemicals called amphetamines and affects the nervous system, providing a stimulating effect, and therefore activates different processes of life.