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While speaking of motives, pushing single Russian brides to wed outlanders we run into biases majoring in Russian folk. The biggest of them is the supposition that Russian girls are merely tending to the life advertised so widely in Hollywood films. Compatriots of Russian women regards themselves the perfect possible life partners, without even considering the vast amount of factors, which present them as unwanted dating partners. Among them is certainly deficiency of respect to women. This lack of esteem dates as early as 90’s when financial crisis sufficiently weakened the positions of Russian men. In the period that difficult time women and men shifted their roles in the family: Russian ladies, who are morally healthy, found abilities to fight further on, becoming the only wage earners in the family, while men began to boos or discover joy in abusing women. Unfortunate Russian brides found the only relief in their children and here is the time when appear men spoilt with mother’s overwhelming concern.

Peculiar question is what exactly Russian brides are searching in outland men and why western men like dating Russian ladies?

Economical situation in the 90’s harmfully influenced economical positions of soviet guys. Some of them started to drink, to find a relief from depression; others started to went their anger on the unfortunate women. If to add the fact that Russian women just outnumber the men – picture will be rather terrible. There are merely not sufficient amount of men for all the Russian babes who wish to form close-knit families with decent men. Due to the fact that all the anxieties about wage earning where fallen on the gentle brides shoulders, Russian women became more antisocial and sad. Do you often observe happy Russian brides? Their laugh is fabulous but can be seen very seldom. Compatriots of Russian women simply cannot realize how fortunate they are to have a chance to date Russian babes.

Dating with Russian women is a amazing possibility, which their compatriots do not realize. From childhood these guys deem their mothers and probable wives servants and housemaids. Current tendency to assume that man looks pathetic if he kisses the hand of his loving ladies has its role in the modern understanding of such notions as passion affection and tenderness. Giving your woman a flower on some day except 8 March labels you not “cool”. Outland men are completely unlike in this field – they can truly estimate attractiveness of Russian women and all that they are eager to propose their life partners, who will treat them with love and esteem.