A Romantic Evening – “Russian style”. Do’s and Don’ts.

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Before you meet your Russian beauty, make sure you are ready for a romantic evening. To help you win the heart do your Russian lady the following article presents the list of top do’s and don’ts  on a date with Russian lady.


Dress to impress. Forget jeans and T-shirt or a sweater at home and go for a suit or a jacket. The first date is very important and first impression should be nice.

Be respectful. Yes, it is important for every dating, but dating a Russian woman, learn about her culture and traditions and act properly in order to make her feel comfortable.

Keep the conversation flowing. Find common topics and get ready to talk about them. It is suggested to talk to avoid long uncomfortable pauses.dating russian girls agencies

Be a gentleman. Russian bride like gallant, courteous and considerate men at all times. A Russian woman will notice if you open a door in front of her, pull her chair at the restaurant, etc.

Be honest. Be yourself, as you won’t be able to pretend for too long.

Flowers and small gifts are always welcomed. A long stemmed red rose is very romantic. Bringing a small souvenir from your place to a Russian lady you will make her feel special and pampered.


Question her motives. Asking about her motives you are at a high risk to offend a Russian woman. Thus you may insult a genuine woman. If you have any suspicions you better analyze woman’s behavior.

Boasting will never do. Even if you think talking of your belongings I ok, Russian people can consider you are boasting. It is not acceptable to talk much about someone’s possessions. Russian people pay more attention to moral virtues.

Don’t judge a Russian woman by Western standards. Russian women have different values d priorities. You better learn them in advance to impress her.

Don’t get cold feet. The worst thing you can do is not to show up getting very nervous about the date.